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Our Affordable Nutrition Care Service  

Our graduates have recently completed their Master's degree in nutrition and are acquiring their supervised practice hours to attain board certification to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS). Our post-nutrition graduate interns provide excellent nutrition therapy and counseling sessions directly to clients. The sessions are all performed remotely through our telehealth services at no cost which allows us to offer affordable and accessible nutrition care to those in need. 



Schedule a Free Exploratory Call for Our Affordable

Nutrition Care Service by Emailing Us! 

Email us with your name and contact number to schedule a brief exploratory phone call to learn more about our Affordable Nutrition Care Service. This call will also allow you to be paired with one of our graduate interns so if you choose, you may begin making appointments.


 Email Us at:

All of our graduate-intern sessions are provided via telehealth to clients through Zoom.

Our remote communication services offered are private, secure and HIPAA compliant.

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