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Our Graduate Team Care Practices
"Nutrition Care You Can Afford"

Our team-care practice consists of our post-nutrition graduate interns working closely with an experienced nutrition-supervisor while they provide excellent nutrition therapy and counseling sessions directly to clients. Our graduates have recently completed their Master's degree in nutrition and are acquiring their supervised practice hours to attain board certification to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS). The sessions are all performed remotely through our telehealth services at a signifiant discount which allows us to offer more affordable nutrition support to those in need. 



Session Descriptions


First Session $25.00 

The first session is a 60-minute initial consultation and is part-one of a two-part session. In the first session we will explore your health concerns, challenges and personal health goals. We will discuss your current medical diagnosis, health and family history, bowel habits, and any environmental or biological burdens that could affect your health. Together we will review your eating patterns, food and beverage intake, and your current medications and supplements. We will also explore lifestyle factors, like quality of sleep and stress levels, and any relevant diagnostic tests, such as blood labs. A physical exam and an assessment of your energy, mood and pain will all be conducted online.

Second Session $20.00

The second session is a 45-minute consult and is the second portion of the full assessment. We will review all of the information that was gathered in session one. We will also discuss and collaborate on specific recommendations related to your health concerns and goals. Based on your personal needs and budget allowances, the recommendations may include, but are not limited to

·      Single food and fluid interventions

·      Therapeutic food plans

·      Supplementation

·      Lifestyle prescriptions

·      Integrative health interventions

·     Possible referrals and bloodwork

Follow Up Session $15.00

The follow up sessions are 45-minute consults. We will review your progress, celebrate your successes, and collaborate on ideas to overcome any challenges you experienced. We will work together to modify your nutrition prescription as needed, and you will receive ongoing education and support. The follow-up sessions are typically scheduled every 2 to 4 weeks, but we can schedule your sessions based on your personal needs.

Schedule Team Care Sessions Here

New & Prospective Clients

In order for you to make your first appointment as a new client, you must be placed into our private and protected system. Having you in our system will enable you to make your appointments in the existing client portal shown below or if you choose, you may have your designated provider schedule your appointments for you. 


You can do this in two ways:

1. If you are ready to schedule your first appointment, connect with your designated graduate-intern provider and they will gather your information and schedule your first appointment. 

2. If you need to explore your health concerns and goals and want to hear more about our graduate-intern practices, simply click on the below button to schedule a free exploratory call. 



Existing Clients

When scheduling your first appointment as an existing client, you'll be required to sign up in our client portal with a username and password after placed into our system. After that, you can simply

schedule the remainder of your appointments through our patient portal here or with the link that is sent you to automatically or through your designated provider. 

When scheduling an appointment in the client portal here or through your personal link, you must select the "Appointment" tab on the left side bar in order to schedule an appointment. 


The client portal will allow you:

➤ Get virtual nutrition sessions

➤ To securely communicate with your provider

➤ Send and receive documents, nutrition and lifestyle prescriptions, handouts and more.

➤ Keep your personal health information safe and secure, complete digital forms and e-sign, avoiding paperwork and back and forth emails and log your food, physical fitness, anti-stress activities and other health metrics.

All of our graduate-intern sessions are provided via telehealth to clients through Zoom.

Our remote communication services offered are private, secure and HIPAA compliant.

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