Our Graduate-Intern Practices

Our graduate-intern practices consist of post-nutrition graduate interns working closely with an experienced nutrition-supervisor while they provide nutrition services directly to some of our clients.  We offer our graduate-intern nutrition sessions through our telehealth  services

at a significant discount.


Our Current Graduate-Intern Practitioners

Ginger Robinson, CNS Candidate

Parissa Rogers, CNS Candidate

Kara Hall, CNS Candidate

Deborah Larimore, CNS Candidate

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Prospective Clients

You can schedule a free 15-Minute Exploratory phone call with Susan to discuss your health concerns, needs and goals and how our Graduate-Intern sessions work. 

First Session $25.00 

The initial consultation is a 60 minute session and is part one of two parts of our full nutrition consultation exploring your health concerns, challenges and goals, along with the current medical diagnosis, health history, family history, bowel habits, burdened biological systems, eating patterns, food and beverage intake, current medications and supplements, environmental factors, lifestyle factors, sleep and stress levels, diagnostic tests such as blood labs (if applicable) and more. A physical exam and measurement of readiness, energy, mood and pain will be conducted on line. 

Second Session $20.00

The second consultation is 45 minute session and is the second portion of the full providing a full assessment review from the information gathered in the previous initial consultation, along with recommendations as they pertain to the your health concerns and goals. Recommendations may include but not limited to single food and fluid interventions, therapeutic food plans, supplementation, lifestyle changes, integrative health interventions, a referral and bloodwork with considering the client’s readiness and budget. 

Follow Up Session $15.00

Follow up session are 45 minutes in length and consists of reviewing your progress, celebrating your successes, and problem solving to overcome challenges. Your nutrition prescription will be modified as needed, and you will receive ongoing education, accountability and support Follow-up sessions are typically scheduled every 2 to 4 weeks, however, we may need to schedule your session appointments earlier or later depending upon your needs.

All of our graduate-intern sessions are provided via telehealth to clients through Zoom.

Our remote communication services offered are private, secure and HIPAA compliant.

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