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Welcome to Our Clinician's Pharmacy

"Higher Quality Products at Discounted Prices"

Welcome to our Clinician's Pharmacy where you can get healthcare’s best practitioner-grade products at a discounted price to make your wellness journey more affordable.


Our practitioner-driven pricing ensures that you’re always getting 15% less than the MSRP through our clinician's product catalog. Products in our catalog follow strict quality standards.

You will receive fast delivery with world-class customer service and carbon-neutral shipping.

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Why Quality Supplements are Important

Nutrition supplements are not regulated in the same way as food and pharmaceutical drugs.  Nutrition supplements do not need to be approved by the FDA in advance of being sold.


Under the Dietary Supplement, Health and Education Act (DSHEA), it is up to the supplement manufacturers to screen for quality, safety, and label integrity (i.e. what is on the label is actually what’s in the bottle). Some supplement manufacturers aren’t doing this, and inadvertently put untested and contaminated ingredients into pills, along with binders, fillers, allergens, dyes, etc. They can use cheap, synthetic, and poorly absorbed forms of vitamins and minerals to sell products at the lowest possible prices at our local retail store and even on Amazon. Fortunately, reputable manufacturers do exist, who not only adhere to the DSHEA statute, but impose even stricter standards and use only the highest quality, active and natural forms of nutrients with optimal bioavailability. Not surprisingly, these high-quality formulations are often more expensive and, in many cases, are only sold through qualified practitioners.

For these reasons, our Clinician's Pharmacy only partners with reputable providers that offer high-quality supplements through our Fullscript products (practitioner referral only)  AND at more affordable prices!

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