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Susan Testa, MS, RDN, LDN

My Practice 

I hold licenses in Maryland and Delaware and see clients  in my Rehoboth Beach location, otherwise provide my services remotely via our telehealth services. I have experience in a wide variety of diseases and conditions, including prevention, athletic performance, energy imbalances , blood sugar dysregulation and brain-related health issues such as anxiety, depression, mood swings and more.

Our Graduate-Intern Practices 

I also supervise graduates who have recently completed their Master's degree in nutrition and are acquiring their supervised practice hours to attain board certification in nutrition. In this model, our graduate-interns are directly involved in providing nutrition sessions to some our clients. Our graduate-interns lead the nutrition sessions while  working closely with an experienced nutritionist-supervisor. The sessions are all performed remotely through our telehealth services at a signifiant discount. 

My Story

Early in my career, as I gained experience in standard nutrition patient care, I began to realize the conventional nutrition assessments and cookie cutter diets I was providing for my patients were not acknowledging

their uniqueness. It was common to apply a particular diet for a particular condition without considering the individual’s distinct needs biologically, chemically, environmentally, socially and other important factors that make a person unique. More emphasis was placed on the amount of calories rather than the quality and functionality of food and nutrients. This was the standard medical nutrition therapy model at that time which in many ways still prevails today in conventional medical institutions. I was frustrated with this myopic view and made the decision to redirect my focus and training to a more "whole person" philosophy. 


Today this holistic approach is addressed within what we call “Integrative and Functional Medicine.” The Integrative and Functional Medicine model embody’s a much more ‘”inclusive” approach to addressing a person’s health conditions through a “whole person” and “whole systems” approach, searching and addressing the underlying root-causes that utilizes a more complex and broader set of assessments that uncover a person’s individual needs. These wide range of assessments able the clinician to provide a prescriptive food plan, individual functional foods, supplementation, lifestyle and integrative health approaches to overall personalize a nutrition and lifestyle plan to improve our client’s health outcomes and overall goals. 

I have learned and seen throughout my 25 years of experience, nutrition and lifestyle are two of the main determinants of health. Providing optimal nutrition is one of the most important areas in the prevention and treatment of disease, specifically chronic disease, along with mental and emotional health, disordered eating, athletic performance and much more. It is vital for every individual to have access to good nutrition knowledge and the provision of quality nutrition care.

Susan's Background

Susan holds degrees from the University of Buffalo and University of Chicago Medical School and completed my clinical training at the University of Maryland Medical Center. She trained extensively in naturopathic and holistic health modalities under the supervision of naturopathic and medical physicians and completed specialized certification courses in functional nutrition. Susan gained my clinical practice experience in both acute and chronic patient care in numerous settings: hospitals, medical clinics, rehabilitation, skilled nursing, integrative medicine clinics and private practice throughout my career and have developed a variety of academic clinical nutrition courses, internships and program curricula.

Currently, Susan holds her clinical nutrition practices via telehealth  and serves as clinic faculty for Masters degree level students at Maryland University of Integrative Health where she teaches functional nutrition and integrative health application in patient care and also provides supervision and mentoring to post-graduate students as an Approved CNS® Supervisor independently.