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Bipolar Disorder 
Brain Fog




Susan's Functional Nutrition Practice

Susan is an expert generalist and  treats and

prevents a wide variety of conditions. She

specializes in mental health disorders, brain-

cognition related issues, brain performance and physical performance.

The concept of Functional Nutrition recognizes

the individual needs of each person and the

connectivity of all body systems. By attending to the health of body systems and nutrient insufficiencies, which is obtained through appropriate nutritional

and lifestyle strategies, the base of mental health,

brain and physical performance is enhanced.


Appropriate Hydration 
Electrolyte Balance
Customized Supplementation
Individual Health Issues
Muscle Gain & Fat Loss
Performance Enhancement
Pre-Training Nutrition
Post-Exercise Recovery
Injury Prevention
Oxidation Reduction

Session Descriptions


Initial Consultation $120.00 

The initial consultation includes a 60 minute session exploring your needs whether they be health concerns and challenges, prevention or performance goals. Several areas will be assessed, such as health and family history, bowel habits, biological systems, training and/or activities, eating patterns, food and beverage intake, medications, supplements, environmental and lifestyle factors, sleep, stress, mood, energy levels, physical exam, along with diagnostic testing (if applicable). Some recommendations to get you started will be provided.


Youth Counseling

Recommendations & Education Consultation $100.00

The Recommendations & Education Consultation includes a 45 minute session that is based on the findings from the initial consultation. Nutrition and education strategies are personalized and focused around your concerns, lifestyle, readiness, budget, lab results, stress, support, environment, physical exam, biological system analysis and include food and fluid interventions, supplementation (if applicable) and lifestyle and integrative health interventions. Referrals for blood work and/or other health care providers may be considered. 


Follow Up Session $50.00

Follow up sessions are 30 minutes in length and consists of reviewing your progress, celebrating your successes, and problem solving to overcome challenges. Your nutrition prescription will be modified as needed, and you will receive ongoing education, accountability and support Follow-up sessions are typically scheduled every 2 to 4 weeks, however, we may need to schedule your session appointments earlier or later depending upon your needs.


Counseling & Education Session $75.00

A 45-minute personal counseling and education session may be offered alone or in conjunction with our regular consultations that include a separate educational session on a particular topic, therapeutic food plan, kitchen pantry assessment, healthy shopping tour and more

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Brief Check-In with Susan $25.00
Our brief 15-minute check-ins may be scheduled in between full appointment sessions to optimally support our clients with weight loss, diet progression and more

Schedule Sessions with Susan Here


New & Prospective Clients

​Schedule a free 15-Minute Exploratory phone call with Susan to discuss  your individual health concerns and goals.  

This appointment will also allow you to be placed into our system so if you choose, you may begin making appointments in our client portal below or through the link that will be sent to you after the Exploratory call.  


Scheduling an Appointment

Through the Client Portal: When scheduling your first appointment, you'll be required to sign up in our client portal with a username and password after placed into our system. After that, you can simply schedule the remainder of your appointments through our patient portal here or with the link that is sent you to automatically or through your provider. 

When scheduling an appointment in the client portal here or through your personal link, you must select the "Appointment" tab on the left side bar in order to schedule an appointment. 


The client portal will allow you:

➤ Get virtual nutrition sessions

➤ To securely communicate with your provider

➤ Send and receive documents, nutrition and lifestyle prescriptions, handouts and more.

➤ Keep your personal health information safe and secure, complete digital forms and e-sign, avoiding paperwork and back and forth emails and log your food, physical fitness, anti-stress activities and other health metrics.


My Background 

I hold degrees from the University of Buffalo and University of Chicago Medical School and completed my clinical training at the University of Maryland Medical Center. I trained extensively in naturopathic medicine under the supervision of naturopathic and medical physicians and completed specialized certification courses in functional nutrition. I gained my clinical practice experience in both acute and chronic patient care in numerous settings: hospitals, medical clinics, rehabilitation, skilled nursing, integrative medicine clinics and private practice throughout my career and have developed a variety of academic clinical nutrition courses, internships and program curricula. Currently, I hold my private clinical practice remote via telehealth as

well as provide consultative services for mental health and athletic performance organizations. I serve as faculty for Masters degree level students at Maryland University of Integrative Health and provide supervision and mentoring to post-graduate students as an Approved CNS® Supervisor.

Functional Nutrition addresses more than improving food and supplementation regimens.  It considers the optimization in the function of the body and brain's systems such as the digestive, immune, endocrine and other systems just as important in order to maximize health and performance.  It understands that supporting good sleep, stress management and other lifestyle and environmental factors are necessary to allow any nutrition interventions to become fully effective to properly support the brain and body.  

Susan's sessions are provided remote via through a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform

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