Dear CNS® Candidate,

Congratulations on completing your higher degree and continuing your post-graduation CNS Supervised Practice Experience! As you know, in order to attain the CNS® credential you must complete 1,000 hours of supervised practice in personalized nutrition assessment, intervention, and monitoring to address both prevention and management of a broad range of health issues.


If you choose to self-direct your supervised hours with me either partially or fully, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Work with an experienced Approved CNS® Supervisor in a personalized one on one format

  • Complete your hours at your own pace

  • Schedule your own flexible meeting times with the Supervisor

  • Convenient remote-video meetings

  • Affordable supervision fees – pay as you go

  • Design the remaining of your practice hours to fit your individual career goals & skill set needs

  • Expand your current practice settings and experiences

  • Deliver better client care and outcomes

  • Integrate and build better relationships with other professionals

  • Improve your business management skills

  • Receive guidance and resources on preparing for the CNS board examination

  • Gain more confidence overall!

  • Have access to bi-monthly Nutrition Grand Rounds discussing client cases, lab work, supplementation and more

  • Have the option to gain an even better experience through working in Susan's electronic health records system and having access to appointment scheduling, client legal and intake forms, client educational materials, progress notes, lab testing, professional resources and protocols and professional nutraceutical ordering platform. 


CNS candidates who will be attaining their hours in a state that requires the CNS® credential to practice will need to follow stricter guidelines which includes using Susan's electronic health records system for appointment scheduling, client forms, educational materials. progress note charting, lab testing, professional resources and protocols and the use of a nutraceutical ordering system. All progress notes are required to be co-signed by Susan. State regulations will need to be predetermined prior to joining Susan'''s program.  






















Sample Weekly Supervisor Schedule

1:1 Individual Sessions (morning, afternoon and evening)
1:1 Individual Sessions (morning and afternoon)
1:1 Individual Sessions (morning)
1:1 Individual Sessions (evening)
Unavailable at this time
Group Grand Rounds (8PM, once monthly)
Group Grand Rounds (8PM, once monthly)

Steps to Get On Board

Step 1

Schedule a Free 15-Minute Exploration Call

Step 2

Schedule a 90-Minute Assessment & Planning Session with Susan

Step 3

Attend an Orientation and EHR Training Session (if applicable)

Step 4

Start Scheduling Clients and Individual 1:1 Sessions with Susan 


Online Self-Directed  Supervised Practice Option for the  CNS® Candidate 

Please schedule a Free 15-Minute Exploratory Call located on the website scheduler below to allow us to have a brief discussion about your needs and goals. I'm looking forward to talking with you!

In Good Health & Education,