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Dear CNS® Candidate,

Congratulations on completing your higher degree and continuing your post-graduation CNS Supervised Practice Experience! As you know, in order to attain the CNS® credential you must complete 1,000 hours of supervised practice in personalized nutrition assessment, intervention, and monitoring to address both prevention and management of a broad range of health issues.


If you choose to self-direct your supervised hours with me either partially or fully, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Work with an experienced Approved CNS® Supervisor in a personalized one on one format

  • Receive recommendation letters for CNS exam application

  • Receive a comprehensive assessment and planning session to optimize your training program

  • Complete your hours at your own pace

  • Schedule your own flexible meeting times 

  • Convenient remote-video meetings

  • Affordable supervision fees – pay as you go

  • Design the remaining of your practice hours to fit your individual career goals & skill set needs

  • Expand your current practice settings and experiences

  • Deliver better client care and outcomes

  • Integrate and build better relationships with other professionals

  • Improve your business management skills

  • Learn more about supplementation

  • Learn more about conventional and functional labs and how to order

  • Receive start-up practice paperwork (forms, EHR advice, supplement platforms, etc.)

  • Gain more confidence overall with one on one environment

  • Receive client referrals to help you attain your clinical hours

I encourage you to schedule a Free 15-Minute Exploratory Call with me to discuss your needs and goals and to learn about more about the internship without any obligation. 








Online Self-Directed  Supervised Practice Options for the  CNS® Candidate 

Resources for the New

Nutrition Professional 

Get Our Client Education Materials for Your New Practice


Our client education hand-outs are available in a bundle or individually and range from the most essential to more specific frequently used by new nutrition practitioners . 

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